Key Features

CLEO2 is a highly intelligent Smart Disinfection Technology which deep cleans indoor and enclosed spaces. 

CLEO2 emits a food-grade dry vapour to neutralise harmful viruses, bacteria, mould and odours in the air and on surfaces. It combines multiple purification technologies for ongoing air quality enhancement through a combination of Carbon, HEPA and UV light treatments.  

The scientifically proven device is fully automated and AI-enabled. Secure wireless connectivity provides 24/7 data monitoring, remote programming and reporting.

The device has a contemporary aesthetic and in-built silencer to ensure a smooth user experience. 

CLEO2 unit is fully customisable. It can be affixed to any space, and treat an area up to 1000sqm.

CLEO2 is environmentally friendly, safe to humans and pets, and non-corrosive to surfaces. All active ingredients are TGA and FDA approved.